Going Global PR
Opening the Lines of Communication Worldwide
Are you looking to protect and enhance your reputation?
Do you want to maintain and gain mind share for your Brand?
Are you looking to effectively communicate and reach revenue goals with citizens in your target market(s)?

Going Global PR was created to provide cost-effective PR expansion services for established start-ups and small or medium sized companies looking to initiate or expand media outreach in one or more countries in a measureable, cost effective and timely fashion. We assist companies at all stages of development in defining, creating and implementing their global PR programs and marketing successfully.
Global PR Expansion Service     Editing Services for Non-Native English Writers
International Public Relations
We help our clients define their PR Strategy and develop the PR program, find the most appropriate partners to implement the program, oversee the implementation and manage the teams.
    Text Editing
Without changing the voice of the author, we help non-native English speakers who are proficient in spoken English bring that proficiency to the written word.